The Intuition Platform

Powerful risk analytics for enhanced vulnerability management. Welcome to data-driven security.

InPoint Security's Executive Dashboard on the Intuition Platform
Analytics That Make Sense

Analytics That Make Sense

Stakeholders at all levels of a business or organization need to understand their vulnerability risks. Intuition provides analytics that are understandable without needing a Computer Science degree.

Simulate risk cost

Prioritize issues

Monitor assets

Perform automatic scans

Actionable Insights

Harmonize IT and the C suite with high level overviews, drill down into vulnerabilities and track fixes in the Operational Console. 

Remediate issues

Check compliance

Audit preparation

Track fixes

Intuition | Operational Dashboard

Built On Industry Leading Technology

Intuition is built on the best scanning technology in the business and leverages the power and flexibility of cloud infrastructure. With integrated cutting-edge AI, Intuition is tailored to your unique network environment.

Minimize Your Attack Surface

The risk of cyberattack for businesses of all sizes is increasing by the day. The time is now to protect your business or organization. 

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Average Attack Cost

0 %

Have High-Risk Vulnerabilities

Based on reports from CNBC and Positive Technologies

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Vulnerability Management for Everyone

From small businesses to enterprise, Intuition is ready to scale with you.

Bring Your Own Data*

Want the analytics without the commitment? No problem! We're happy to integrate your scans.

  • No Automated Scans
  • Basic Executive Dashboard
  • Less than 100 nodes
  • Compatible scans include from Nessus, OpenWasp, Nmap.

Businesses and Organizations

Start securing your organization in as little as 3 minutes and get meaningful and actionable insights fast.

  • Weekly Automated Scans
  • Executive & Operational Dashboard
  • Comprehensive Workstream Features
  • 1-500 nodes

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs)

Secure your clients easily with zero-touch deployment and provide analytics they will understand.

  • Automated scans as necessary
  • Executive & Operational Reports
  • Comprehensive Workstream
  • Tier 1 Support

More than 500 Nodes?

Built by Security Professionals

Friends since high school, Yousaf Khan and Parker Thomas have worked in enterprise and MSP security and analytics and recognized the need for improved vulnerability management and analytics that would be understandable not only by IT team members, but organization members at all levels. In February 2021, InPoint Security and its first offering, the Intuition Platform were born.

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